Individuals Services

Non - Judgmental coaching and advice person-tailored sessions.

Both English and Arabic-speaking individuals (both men and women) equally with no gender, race, or sexual orientation bias.

Life Coaching Services tailored to businessmen needs

Leadership And Management Transformation Coaching

Because We Are Pioneers Of The Person-Centered Services Approach, We Support Small Businesses ‘owners & individuals To Lead A Successful Life, Not Just A Successful Business.

Career Advice & Coaching:

The Modern Job Market Has Become So Competitive And Challenging And For These Reasons, You Need Every Little Advantage To Gain The Competitive Advantage Over Other Candidates.

Our Coaching Services For Individuals Include:

undergraduate career coaching services

postgraduate career coaching services

career shift & career progression services

We Understand That Some Of Our Clients Needs More Support And Attention Than Others And This Is Why We Offer 3 Advice And Coaching Session Plans:

  • Long-Term Coaching Plan: Take advantage of our ongoing coaching and support to maximize the impact of our life coaching services. we offer a 3–6-month programme plan.
  • Customised Plan: Customise your own coaching plan according to your needs. Choose the duration length and the frequency of our sessions weekly or monthly based on your preference.